Bid Outsourcing Services:

Through our Bid Outsourcing Services, our customers are able to increase their man-power bandwidth as and when needed for completing bid response or scouting procurement opportunities through significant cost reduction and enhanced effectiveness :

  • Tender process management outsourcing
  • Man-hour / FTE (Full Time Equivalent) based Bid Manager Support
  • Purchase of Tender Document on your behalf
  • Registration of company with the tendering authority
  • Attending Pre-Bid, Bid Opening & Post-bid meeting
  • Language Translation Services
  • Representing Company & Establishing Liaison relations with the Tendering Authority
  • Bidding due diligence and coordination and Proposal Submission
  • Assisting in Post bid activities i.e. follow-ups
  • Local Logistics assistance

Bid Advisory:

TendersInfo Gulf Bid Advisory Services provides procurement advisory through professional advice and consultation on purchasing matters to our customers. Our services are tailored to meet the specific procurement need ranging from quality assurance reviews of customer-authored solicitation documents or response to that, to management of the complete procurement process, from needs assessment to contract award :

  • Proactive V/s Reactive Bidding Strategies
  • Bid opportunity analysis & Key market statistics
  • Local Competitive Intelligence and their success drivers
  • Advise on marker entry strategy
  • Project specific strategies
  • Identify key Tendering Authorities with which companies need to register
  • Suppliers, Distributors and manufacturers Engagement
  • Buyer Evaluation, Compliance, Policies & Procedures
  • Project Referrals & Sub-Contracting Strategy
  • Partnerships, Project Consortium's, Joint Ventures
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